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Furry role play

Furry role play

22.8K Reads 545 Votes 100 Part Story
That Darky By Trevor70000000 Updated Feb 15

This is a furry roleplay book. Come and have some fun and find a few references

___unimportant ___unimportant Dec 22, 2016
                              Likes:Reading,being peft alon
                              Turn ons:playing with her ears and tail
                              Persknality:She usually keeps to herself and stays silent
                              Looks:long black fur and green eyes
Name: Jasmine 
                              Age: 16
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Personality: Kind, Sweet, Shy, Gentle
                              Looks: Red fox furry with brown hair, green eyes, wears a pink knee high dress
                              Likes: Nice Furry 
                              Dislikes: Mean furry
Name: "S-shade..."
                              Age: "....1-17..."
                              Gender: *blushes* (Male)
                              Sexuality: *blushes even more* (Gay)
                              Personality: "...." (Shy, slutty, kind)
                              Looks: (I'll pm you)
                              Likes: "Sweets..."
                              Dislikes: "Pain"
                              "L-let Roleplay.... l-live...."
Name: Franklin
                              Age: 20
                              Gender: Male
                              Sexuality: Bi
                              Personality: Caring, Kind, And helpful
                              Looks: Black wolf with two differently colored eyes. Has spots of red fur on his back. 
                              Likes: Friends, volunteering, and cooking
                              Dislikes: When people treat him poorly
                              .deppressed artsy and lonely
                              .light blue fur withe a dark blue muzzle and three icy blue eyes 
                              .she likes glue potato and sally her kitten
                              Dislikes abuse smoking and bullying
Bossman4 Bossman4 Jan 20
                              . Albino
                              .scary movies, music, art
                              .Mean people