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Riches ~JB+SG {Jelena}

Riches ~JB+SG {Jelena}

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SOJ💞 By Suckinonjerry Updated 2 hours ago

Riches - Material wealth or valuable or abundant resources. 

     WARNING: Boutta have some kinky ass shit in this book. Maturity level high AF. Probably get scarred after reading this but anyway enjoy. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    Justin Bieber a businessman that doesn't care about love. To him love doesn't exist. This all changes when he sees the beautiful Selena Gomez. He became captivated by her extreme beauty.
    Selena is a normal girl who doesn't have a care in the world. By participating in an auction she makes the best and worst decision of her life.
    They are destined to be together but stalkers, crazy one night stands and many other things pulls them further apart from each other. 
    You know what they say some people are destined together but fate pulls them apart.

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