DONT YOU GET IT?? (Reverse dipper X dipper)

DONT YOU GET IT?? (Reverse dipper X dipper)

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own gravity falls or any of its characters and I do not own any of the pics I use.

This ship is very unpopular and I've only seen one story on it and it's called double dippered so shout out to them for making that fantastic story!

SUMMARY: what if Mabel toke her bag? What if the rift still broke but some thing that even bill couldn't predict happens? We'll find out what happens...

Jai-san Jai-san Oct 10
Can I just. Mention that in the video. There is a Dave Strider and Rose Lalonde part near the beginning and I am DyInG
Yes and continue please! But make it to we're he has to stay a boy and can have mpreg
Thank you for making this I've been wanting to find more of this but I gave up like 2 months ago....but then this story popped up and I'm practically fangirling right now 
                              THANK YOU AUTHOR-SAN!!!!!!