I So Ship It (Supernatural College AU)

I So Ship It (Supernatural College AU)

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Carly C. By Sea_of_Mischief Updated Jan 02

Take a casual college setting, for example. What everyone goes through at some point, unless they didn't go to college. Now take all of the characters from Supernatural that you hopefully love: Sam, Dean, Cas, Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer, Charlie, Jo, and many more. Now make them all simply human and in a normal world, cause you already have to deal with college, why have to deal with monsters and being hunters and angels too? And boom, you have it, the hopefully not-so-heartbreaking hilarious romantic comedy fanfiction that includes Sabriel, Destiel, and Michifer!

*Not a sequel to Angel High, though you should read that too if you haven't already.*

*point of view is third person*

Technically you don't have to know anything about Supernatural to read this, you just gotta ship the characters.

bobrossboss bobrossboss Dec 15, 2016
I love Lucifer in fics like this because it's like "oh yes they were named after angels" like the parents took one look at baby luci and were like "lol yup this is the one to name after literal satan"
Dollnora Dollnora Jan 05
And let's not forget the fact that Luci was the first child...
so many angles to choose from and Chuck and Naomi were just like 'yup that one is gonna be satan'
EhhhhhNo EhhhhhNo a day ago
I just came back from a fic were there there was no such thing as a 4th wall... I hope for the best
I have a strong connection with Lucifer when I'm explaining things to my family
sonickedbyatimelord sonickedbyatimelord Dec 19, 2016
All I can think is Dan saying, "Rise and shine, motherfxcker, it's a new day."