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Cheater RWBY X Male reader Request

Cheater RWBY X Male reader Request

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La4587 By La4587 Updated Jan 08

I don't owned RWBY all the respect goes to Rooster teeth.
And I don't owned any pictures those two go to the creators.
It may have some emotional stuff so you were warred.

RavusWolf RavusWolf Oct 26, 2016
@La4587 i was wodering if you could do cheater yang x suicidal male reader who is pyrrhas brother and the reader is thats 2 parts if u dont mind
M4rionette M4rionette Dec 23, 2016
cheater Coco x male half-demon reader x Cinder (Coco cheats with her teammate Yatashashi and our faithful, possibly demonic, reader meets Cinder and FALLS for our demonic reader)
thebestRWBYfan thebestRWBYfan Nov 26, 2016
Just so you can remember what they are called it's called a scroll
RavusWolf RavusWolf Oct 26, 2016
@La4587 liike the reader survies the  attempt and is put into a coma
Cheating Yang x Forgiving Male Reader
                              Semblance: None, reader is just a friend with no hunting skills