Omega Gone Rogue [BxB] (Mpreg)

Omega Gone Rogue [BxB] (Mpreg)

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Lowkey.Hoe By Blake_Hoe Updated Jul 02, 2017

Hey, my names Jace, I'm the pack omega and the fag boy in school, I get abused by everyone at the school, by everyone in the pack, mostly by Derek the son of the current alpha and next inline to become alpha, and also by my OWN parents. 

I'm 17 turning 18 in a month and I honestly hope that my mate is from another pack so I can leave this retched place. 

I have blue eyes, messy blonde hair and a slim body which I don't like, I'm just a failure.


Hey guys, my names Derek and I'm the most popular guy in our werewolf school, and next inline to become alpha. I've just turned 18 and I've searched for my mate but haven't found her, maybe she hasn't come of age yet.. I just hope that she's not to young.

Also I'm the 'bad boy' of the school and I like to bully all the nerds, especially that loser disgrace of an omega Jace, why was he even born he's an abomination. 

Well that's my story, I have loving parents and have girls falling head over heals for me.

I have dark chocolate brown hair, crystal green eyes and a well developed 6 pack with nice muscles, not the brag but I think I'm pretty hot.

This is a BoyxBoy story which means boys romance, don't like don't read
This also includes MPreg, so if you don't like that stuff then bye bye (:

This is my first werewolf story so don't judge! 

Enjoy ❤️

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Breaking a rib could kill you because the jagged edges could puncture a lung or other organ
BookOfSins BookOfSins Aug 04, 2017
For somebody that hates him you sure talk about him a lot ..
KitKatLoverFurLife KitKatLoverFurLife Mar 15, 2017
Derek, not that I mind, your first appearance in this story makes me believe that you're already gay.
liskyfox liskyfox Oct 01, 2017
Nerds are greats and so are girls, and we all know without food and hygiene y'all would be dead. Also #pacifists unite (some nerds and girls are shitty people though😐)
PenguincookieX PenguincookieX Dec 21, 2017
Derek have you ever heard of 'Once it has a heart beat its alive and deserves to live' I just made that up BTW lol
Shatia_16 Shatia_16 Dec 15, 2017
Seems like you want some of him with all this thinking about him you’re doing