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Dez is a 16 year old stud who is moving from sunny America to cold England she leaves everything she knows behind. A certain stud takes interest in her and decides to play with her. Will dez be dominated or will she be the dominator 

'I don't do stud for stud' I said as she walked over to me and caused my back to hit the wall her face was inches from mine as she stared into my eyes 

'Oh really?. I can make you scream with just one word' she smirked as she moved her head down to my neck and started to lick it. I whimpered quietly as she continued

'W-what is it' I said below a whisper. She breathed on my neck 


monshellsvge monshellsvge 2 days ago
Nahhh fam. I can't even wear an dress what you think im wearing a skirt.😭😭😭 i would've gotten suspended today😂
obreboss obreboss Dec 28, 2016
Seeeee i hate books like this cuz it never happens in real life
-LostKvng -LostKvng Dec 12, 2016
We can't even go to school with piercings. I want to get a third set of ear piercings but I can't
Shontye Shontye Dec 10, 2016
Are you American? Because this seems like it's written from an American persons point of view
lovelybirdy lovelybirdy Dec 12, 2016
😂 I swear this my ex nickname oh hell , I'll just pretend it's somebody else name i like this book❤️
FullFigure FullFigure Jan 11
Sorry, but I thought her room was an expensive hospital room. But it's not bad ..