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A Misted Light

A Misted Light

10.3K Reads 404 Votes 23 Part Story
💚Life Is Amazing💚 By Starlit_Galaxy Completed

Ezra has become darker as he opens the holocron easily. He's learning new things and is growing powerful. The light in him has become misted and dark is beginning to overpower him.
Nightmares are haunting him and he has become affected by them.

Sabine worries about him. Everything has changed right before her eyes. It's bothering her. She want to tell Ezra how she sees things. 

Their love is becoming stronger and they have a daughter. She is strong with the force and Sabine is beginning to worry. What if she uses the darkside? Times become darker and it's harder to train her daughter.

Can Sabine help Ezra make his light side clearer and can she help her daughter become a Jedi?

Cover art by @Meldy-Arts


Kepner1 Kepner1 5 days ago
I hope you're referencing Disturbed First album *The Sickness* Song: *Shout 2000*
Yup.....all Anakin ever wanted was a family.... BUT EVERYTHING JUST WENT WRONG FOR HIM
ElzaBridger ElzaBridger Feb 09
I'm totally sure that 'The key to destroying the Sith' is Obi-wan Kenobi.  The planet of twin suns...Tatooine.
I believe the glowing eyes is an emotional reaction, not a result of the dark side. Just thought I should point that out.