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Hate Me // Ashton Irwin (Completed)

Hate Me // Ashton Irwin (Completed)

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leannejoyyy By leannejoyyy Completed

*this book was edited and includes brand new content* 
It's one of the most overplayed storylines in the book; a kid gets transferred to a new town, or in my case country, for their parent's job and their life changes. Most of the time those stories end in tragedy, and I guess mine does too. 
But I do know one thing, if I hadn't moved to Sydney I never would have had my heart broken and he would still be alive. At least that's what I tell myself. Everyone has those little things that help them sleep at night and lying to myself is mine. 
Sydney, Australia was the best and worst thing to happen to me. Again that probably sounds familiar, a story you have heard a thousand times, but our story is anything but familiar. In fact when I tell it I can't even believe some of the things that happened were true despite having lived it. 
I fell in love with a boy at seventeen years old and I learned more about heartbreak, friendship and forgiveness in that year than most people do in a lifetime. 
This is our story.
  disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. the events and characters, all characters, are a figment of my own imagination. this is not how 5sos are i'm simply using their names (again not their personalities) enjoy xx

Drew-Marie Drew-Marie Feb 04, 2016
i understand your feelings.. but damn I was in the middle of it xD Now I'm sad I can't finish it and now the complete story.. this was a really good one. Ihope you will post them back on here soon
OfficiallyIrwin OfficiallyIrwin Feb 14, 2016
I understand everything but we all love this book and I wrote a book once, people loved it and I hated it so I deleted it. There's no point in having something published if you hate it. I understand :-) I'm upset though this is my favourite book
Kissing_y0u_g00dbye Kissing_y0u_g00dbye Feb 04, 2016
It's totally ok :) I personally believe that no author is ever 100% happy with his/her writing! But I want you to take every time you need to rewrite/edit until you feel totally comfortable with it! Just remember that all of us already love the way your book is now! 
                              Lots of love xXc
lucyirvinex lucyirvinex Feb 03, 2016
I'd just got up to the bit where Ashton goes away for three days, I can't take this
CodTheFish CodTheFish Jun 14, 2016
I'm restarting because I got behind and need to refresh everything so here I go again, again
sanxfran sanxfran Feb 25, 2016
I completely understand I'm excited to get to read it again😄😄