Out Of Luck (Kageyama Shigeo/Mob x Esper!Reader)

Out Of Luck (Kageyama Shigeo/Mob x Esper!Reader)

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Edgy Mc My Chemical Romance By FateOfDeath666 Updated Nov 26

Being a girl named (Y/n) would make you perceive a new meaning behind the word "Curse". The word, itself, triggers her and she could do nothing to help it. She's stuck like that.


Because her whole existence is a curse to the world she lives in. Anyone, who makes physical contact with her, suffers 'til they're soon to be discovered dead. She cursed herself for it. 

Ironic, is it not?

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I honestly think that this is very good and intresting so far! Keep it up ^^
This is REALLY good, I'm so engrossed in it, please continue!!!
Conceal, don't feel
                              Don't let them in 
                              Don't let the see
                              Be the good girl
                              You always have to be
                              😁😁😁😁 reminds me of frozen