His - A Snamione Romance *Complete*

His - A Snamione Romance *Complete*

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"I do not take pleasure in repeating myself, Miss Granger. You would do well to pay attention. I asked if you were planning to wear dirty clothes after bathing or if you had magically learned to make invisible clothing." His black eyes shot pointedly to her empty hands. Like a hawk the man was, beak-like nose and all.

"I'd planned to roam about in the nude if you must know sir." She slapped a hand to her mouth as soon as the comment left her and blushed a vibrant red. Snape stared at her with shocked eyes- despite his placid face- an eyebrow arched nearly into his hairline.


There will be mature content. I do not lay claim to the Harry Potter universe or any of the characters there in. The glory goes to J.K. Rowling. I just love playing in her magical world. I also do not claim to own the cover art and it is the property of its' creator.

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I love that “somthing” always happens to Jinny in order for drarry to happen 🤣
- - Nov 17, 2016
Alright... I'm known for blurting out things I regret later on... But this never happened to me... Fortunately!! 😜