Annabella Cullen

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Mckenzie By KrazyKenzie4 Completed
This is a twilight fan fiction, I do not own the characters. What if Bella were to have a second daughter named Annabella, along with Renesmee. What if Annabella were more of a trouble maker. Learn how Annabella's life is living with her goody-twoshoes sister, whom is the perfect daughter for Bella and Edward
Renesmee and Anabella are twins. They were born at the same time. Just a few minutes apart probably.
wowowow? uhm but did Bella got "annabella" when she was a half-vampire cause then she isnt a half-vampire
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@henklenumberthree7 they're twins,meaning they came at the same time.
my only problem with this book is that Annabella can't b a half vampire! it's not possible cuz to b half she has to hav half human but Bella was changed into a vampire after her first child so she wouldn't die!
@KrazyKenzie4 and I hope for you to be one Of them to because from what I have read of this book it is awesome!!!