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Tera 2.0: Last Hope

Tera 2.0: Last Hope

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Silent By Silentx13 Updated Feb 13

2073-humanity found a planet exactly like Earth and began to build cities on it in case anything ever happened to Earth
2080-humanity made contact with an alien race with incredible abilities but they were a cruel race and war broke out.
2083-Earth got destroyed and humanity moved to the new planet. The war continued and humanity realized they needed humans with the same abilities as their enemies. So they were able to figure out how to clone and mutate human DNA. They did this in hopes of winning the ongoing war.

SpaceAdventurer_11 SpaceAdventurer_11 Oct 15, 2016
Very good. I liked it. There were just some grammatical errors but overall it was good for a prologue :)
AndrewPurdum AndrewPurdum Oct 09, 2016
It's incredible how you put so much attention and detail into creating all of the tech and species here. Way impressive! I'm really interested to see how the Dark Phase Cannon actually works. That sounds like the most impressive gadget in this list. How did you come up with all of these ideas?
HeatherRiley945 HeatherRiley945 Oct 08, 2016
This is really cool, I love the ideas. Could use some proof-reading, a few typos :P
firewinner firewinner Oct 10, 2016
Not to be rude but there's not supposed to be a "the" in-between the "in" and the "that".
faiktheintelligent faiktheintelligent Oct 07, 2016
Woo damn. My mouth is watering after hearing about all these high tech gadgets. Bring it on!!
firewinner firewinner Oct 10, 2016
I agree with everyone else, it's fantastic you have so much info but one thing is that I think (my own opinion) that it would be better to spoon feed the readers the important information as the book progresses instead of having one info dump chapter.