Sickly, Sweet - Book One

Sickly, Sweet - Book One

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"Did you take me here to seduce me, Valentine?"

"I don't know, is it working?" He reciprocates the same answer I gave him earlier. He grins and I feel the rumble of a chuckle deep in his chest.


You can spend decades trying to find your purpose and identity and never find it. I didn't know who and what I was. In my desperation, I got myself involved with the worst, most despicable race in the underworld - vampires. They are nothing but monsters and bloodthirsty creatures with no regard for anyone inferior to them. In order to find my origins I had to dig deep. I knew it would be messy but I didn't know I would be caught in the middle of an eternal conflict. 
I found what I was looking for but I also found something I didn't know I lost. 
A vampire with a heart as cold as mine. 
He was waiting for me. 
He knew who I was. 
And he wanted me for himself.

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Ooh he's also on the cover of the novel Stuck Up Suit! I'm in love 😍
oooksh oooksh Jun 14
you lying bastard
                              that is IT!
                              I NO COVER FOR YOU, NO MORE
                              PEOPLES, I HAVE , A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT
peaczhes peaczhes Jun 17
I loooove your vocabulary and the touch of alliteration in this paragraph
                              ^^^^^ check it out!!!
After the words that were just written I dunno if I wanna name u guys anymore
🎵you don't own me 
                              I'm not just one of your little dolls🎵