Sickly, Sweet - Wattys 2017

Sickly, Sweet - Wattys 2017

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"Do you torture all women like this?" I rasp against his wet shoulder. He licks the blood from my neck and places a kiss on my collarbone. The thick blood coats our skin. 

"No." His cool breath is a refreshing sensation on my wet skin. "Only you." 

"Well, aren't I special?" I smirk. 

He gives me a crooked smile. "You have no idea, sweetheart." 


I spent decades trying to find my identity and purpose and I was on the brink of  giving up. When you have lived this long, doing the same mundane things, you tend to seek peace of mind and more. I was hired to kill a vampire in exchange for answers to my burning questions. It was an easy enough task until he kept escaping. When I was about to lose it all, I fell under his spell and everything changed.

09/15/17 - #9 Vampire
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I somehow stumbled into the storyline of your book and saw the cast and boyyy I was ecstatic, all these Vampire men are making me double take xD They're perfect damn
                              Oh and yes, Ian Somerhalder ftw
I love the way you have the urgency bouncing off the page here...
Noooooo u serious he better be the main caracter he's so hot 😂
Well I'll miss you Val we had a nice couple of paragraphs together
Haha another Vampire book for me to fall in love with 💕💕