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Sickly, Sweet

Sickly, Sweet

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Hannah Patrixia Manalang By HannahPatrixia Updated Apr 07

I swore he was my last. I wanted to end it all when I was finished but fate had a different path for me. Not too long ago, I lost my reason to live. I was ready to end it all but I found myself under the spell of a vampire who had other plans. 
  They know me as a killer but he knows me as much more. 
  "Don't worry, sweetheart, you'll enjoy this just as much as I will."
  Regret is replaced with hot, invigorating pleasure and before I know it my body is pressed closer to his, relishing the immense burst of ecstasy his bite is giving me. I moan at the intensity of our connection. His hands hold me up due to my loss of ability to stand. 
  Never have I been bitten by a vampire.
  Never have I missed. 
  Never have I failed a mission. 
  Never have I asked for more.

Janquinzel Janquinzel Mar 17
Saphira and sebastian looks alot more like .
                              Saphira looks more like hayley hale .
                              And sebastian looks more like damon salvatore 💐💐
Great setup. My interest was piqued with the diary. Who doesn't want to obtain get another book? But when you added in the quest for her to discover get identity, it got stronger.
VodkaMixRevolution VodkaMixRevolution Sep 04, 2016
You have no idea how good it feels to not be the only one calling a vampire a leech 😐😐😐😂😂
Roobeena Roobeena Sep 18, 2016
This sentence is a bit confusing.. 
                              You lunge for him but how come "worst mistake you will ever make" 
                              The tenses are sending a confusing message
GuysXGirls GuysXGirls Aug 22, 2016
Woah🙉🙉🙉 my child ears 😂😂😂 that vampire in nasty!!!!
GuysXGirls GuysXGirls Aug 22, 2016
Oh damn that's possessive.... gave me the shivers🙊🙊🙊