To Shine a Light and Shock My Heart [Laxus x Reader x Sting]

To Shine a Light and Shock My Heart [Laxus x Reader x Sting]

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(Y/N) (L/N) was once Laxus Dreyar's girlfriend, but after he was expelled from Fairy Tail, the two wizards went on a break from each other. During this break, right after the Grand Magic Games, the White Dragon Slayer developed a strong crush on (Y/N).

Sting starts to hang around (Y/N) too much for Laxus' liking. But in the end, it's up to (Y/N) to decide. Will Sting shine a light in her heart? Or will Laxus shock her heart with passionate love?

Will it be Laxus, Sting, both, or neither? A crazy adventure awaits in this Fairy Tail fanfic!

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FakeSmile_FakeHeart FakeSmile_FakeHeart Jul 06, 2017
"All's fair love and war." From the second floor
                              That's catchy
sunrise112 sunrise112 5 days ago
Anyone else find this kinda sweet ( in a crazy evil love way? )
ATYtheDoyenne ATYtheDoyenne Dec 28, 2017
I have 3 questions 
                              1. What the heck is laxus listening to?
                              2. Is he even listening to music?
                              3. Why does he always wear his earphones?
scaryfangirl-- scaryfangirl-- Jul 22, 2017
Yes I'm so nice and fabulous 
                              //hair flip
                              "Boi you're dating Laxus when he was 100% jerk,"
                              Shut up I don't care I'm fabulous 
                              //hair flip #2
Cherriesxo Cherriesxo Jun 30, 2017
This is actually really well written. Hardly any mistakes. Good job! *thumbs up*
scaryfangirl-- scaryfangirl-- Jul 22, 2017
Yas I love being a storm mage
                              //cries in corner cause I'm actually a college nerd who belongs to Pitt University rather than Fairy Tail