My Little Daniel☆Phan☆

My Little Daniel☆Phan☆

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Totally-Dun-With-You By Totally-Dun-With-You Updated 8 hours ago

The Phanfic in which Dan is a little. (2009 Phan)
Phil grew to love Dan even when he was little. Phil found it almost endearing. At first, Phil just fondly watched Dan color. Then Phil would ask to read to Dan. And finally, as time went on, Phil became Dan's daddy. 
DD/lg, DD/lb, MD/lg, MD/lb is a branch of BDSM between two consenting adults.

Before you read this, you must realize being a little is in no way sexualizing children or pedophilia. Being a little simply means that you enjoy childlike things. Being a little is not strictly a kink. 

Besides we know Dan has a daddy kink so is this so far off?

ThatMangaGirl ThatMangaGirl Dec 29, 2016
I would like to know where the picture for the cover thing came from for.....research
MikiKuro MikiKuro Nov 05, 2016
I am more than certain that dan has a daddy kink..... I don't judge though I might have one too