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ERIC DABBS By ericdabbs Completed

As the American Agent, Alex Parker is savvy, charming, and deadly. 

When Parker, an ex-Navy SEAL, awakes in a secret underground office, he's made a tempting proposal...become a covert operative for Homeland Security, and in return, get anything he wants.

Soon, Parker is brought up to speed on a new terror group that strikes fear in the hearts of the innocent...the Crescent Moon. When he sets out on his first mission to hunt down and eliminate the group's charismatic leader, he discovers a link between the terror organization and a wealthy real estate tycoon in Marbella, Spain. The connection is a North Korean spy with nuclear secrets to sell. But Parker isn't the only one employed by the clandestine project. His ex-fiancée, Samantha Peterson, is being used as a queen of hearts in the risky game of espionage to ensure their agent in the field remains true to the deal.

The race is on to save millions of lives, from a mountaintop mansion overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, to MI5 headquarters in London, to an abandoned airbase on the edge of civilization. Brace yourself for a high-stakes adventure as Parker follows the clues that lead to a stealth bomber and an unfolding plot of terror...a plot to unleash nuclear hellfire on a major U.S. city.


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