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Harry Potter Roleplay (Ships)

Harry Potter Roleplay (Ships)

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Tay-Tay By MistressOfTomRiddle Updated 6 days ago

"We accept the love we think we deserve."

Roleplaying with all the Harry Potter ships. 

Except Dobby x Sorting Hat.........

- - Dec 03, 2016
Name:  Alexandria Coleman
                              Age: 16
                              Year: 6
                              House: Gryffindor
                              Love interest: Draco
                              Background: muggle mother and father
                              Wand: Rose wood, 11", Unicorn hair
                              Personality: Quiet, Witty, Loyal
                              Special Power: Elemental
                              Other: Face claim is Barbara Palvin
kiddybinz kiddybinz Nov 26, 2016
Name: Jacob Smith
                              Year: Six
                              House: Ravenclaw
                              Love Interest: Ginny
                              Background: has A Witch mother and a muggle father
                              Wand: Cherry wood with dragon heartstring core 11 in
                              Personality: Kind, smart, Loyal
                              Special Power: Can tell whether people are lying or not
                              Other: has a barn owl named Dusty
RogueCheney110103 RogueCheney110103 Dec 06, 2016
Name: Laila Rose
                              Age: 16
                              House: Gryffindor
                              Background: Orphan
                              wand: Hazel wood,12'' pheonix ore
                              personality: Find out?
                              Special power: Elemental
                              Other: Face claim is um……. I'll tag chu
operation_malf0y000 operation_malf0y000 Dec 14, 2016
Name: Mercy Cota 
                              Age: same as Draco and Harry's
                              House: Slytherin
                              Background: crazy family
                              Wand: uuuhhhh....
                              Personality: makes ships about people at Hogwarts  (Mostly Drarry)
                              Special Power: casting harm 
                              Other: loves seeing Draco and Harry fighting and always thinks that they are gay for each otho
ChibiDomi ChibiDomi Oct 08, 2016
Name: Ali Wooden 
                              Age: 15
                              Year: 4th
                              House: Gryffindor
                              Love interest: Albus Potter
                              Background: find out
                              Wand: 12 inches rosewood with unicorn hair
                              Personality: depressed, sad, bubbly
                              Special powers: Metamorphugas 
                              Other info: None
geekygabii geekygabii Oct 08, 2016
Name: Aria Malfoy
                              Age: 15
                              Year: 5
                              House: Gryffindor
                              Love interest: Fred Weasley
                              Background: Draco Malfoy+her=abuse
                              Wand: dogwood, 6 1/2 inches, flexible
                              Personality: funny, sarcastic, prankster, basically just like the Weasley Twins
                              Special powers: Animagus! (Mockingbird)
                              Other info: Hi