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In 'MY' Life (A Classic Rock Blog)

In 'MY' Life (A Classic Rock Blog)

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Jane A. Mark & Pete By radiomeddows Updated 2 days ago

Uhm, Ello! I'm Jane...and this is my blog :3
Don't be shy, I normally don't bite.
So, content..I'll mostly be talking about myself...and my music:
-The Police
-Pink Floyd
-The Beatles
-David Bowie 
-The Doors
-Led Zeppelin 

So yeah...

Warning: uncensored not read if you are uncomfortable with the occasional cussing

Yelizesra Yelizesra Oct 02, 2016
'.......and funny, awesome, and entertaining just like you :Dd <3 <3 Greetings, Internet friend :ZdD!! when I saw you'd done a new book, ofcourse I just had to check it out-and I
                              Like this a lot already :DD XXDd