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Camila Cabello's Brother (Lauren/You)

Camila Cabello's Brother (Lauren/You)

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DamnDinahJane By DamnDinahJane Completed

Y/n Cabello. The twin brother of Camila Cabello. You would expect them to be so close since their twins right? 

Well your wrong, they hate each other well Y/n hates Camila, and she just doesn't know why. He's basically the outcast of the family everything he does can never amount to what his twin sister does. When Camila comes back things only get worse between the two especially when she founds out he's dating her best friend.

BurntPhoenix22 BurntPhoenix22 Dec 26, 2016
My sister made me mad so alll my family got blocked on fb (parents, siblings, cousins etc.)
dragonlover1095 dragonlover1095 Nov 01, 2016
Same. Everybody in my family has brown eyes and I got blue they have brown straight hair I have curly hair
conflictedjay conflictedjay Nov 13, 2016
^ same if my sister ignored me for three years i would ignore her whole existence tbh
Karenthehuman12 Karenthehuman12 Nov 07, 2016
Damn, they're both in the same season I remember playing basketball and taking turns to play soccer but I had to choose one sport and it was basketball
Can't relate. I'm the youngest kid of my family, so basically all the attention is on me 😎
Brittana_Heya2020 Brittana_Heya2020 Dec 16, 2016
                              I scored the winning goal "Goodjob"
                              I won quiz bee "Goodjob"
                              Its my Birthday!! "Goodjob"
                              Ok 😂😂😅