Fuentestein [BoyXBoy]

Fuentestein [BoyXBoy]

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[Kellic Halloween Special]

When Doctor Victor Fuentestein is stuck in a world of constant loneliness he decides that, with the help of his jealous assistant, he will make a friend for himself. He will do what no human has ever done before and create life from scratch. He wants the perfect being who will fulfill all of his needs. But what happens when the artificial boy becomes more than just a friend?

[This book is vaguely inspired by the story of Frankenstein, but most of the plotline is mine as it is set in modern times. It is a short, funny story, which contains some vulgar language and probably some sex scenes too]

HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY I fill in my eyebrows bcuz it makes me feel less insecure o.o
Am I the only one who actually wants to see this version of kellin
Why am I laughing at 1: 30 in the morning? I have school tomorrow
fawnysecret fawnysecret Nov 01
I forgot what its called but it reminds me of the movie where the boys dog was brought back to life by lightning
My friend bought steam punk goggles and I imagine Vic wearing them
Ugh I swear, most guys at my school have that exact same fuckboy look. There are even emo fuckboys there like wtf no stop.