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Little White Girl By Dylan__Tyler Updated 5 hours ago

Toby (Air Toby):
He's a well-known singer/songwriter/and guitarist. He has millions of fans.

She is a school girl in high school. Her friends are huge fans of Air Toby, she's not. 

When Toby decides to take a break from his world tour to go back to high school, these two meet. Will Spencer end up falling for this guitarist, or will her fear of getting hurt keep her away? Bad Summary, but hopefully the story is better.

Btw, I got the idea of writing this story by watching "StarStruck". But that doesn't mean it will end like this. 

(StarStruck is a movie for the one who doesn't know what that is!)

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Isabel_inha Isabel_inha Oct 05, 2017
I think I know someone... Err.. what's her name? Oh, yeah, Spencer
BafflePops04 BafflePops04 Aug 06, 2017
                              (Spongebob voice)
                              A little amount of time later 
                              Toby: I do 
                              Spencer: I do 
Fanfic1026 Fanfic1026 Jul 23, 2017
Ummm... Hanna, I hate to burst your bubble but Toby is Spencer's.
BafflePops04 BafflePops04 Aug 06, 2017
Omg Toby singing that he wants them to make him feel like he's the only GIRL in the world 😂😂
Kelys151 Kelys151 Dec 28, 2016
"I don't even like him!" Yeah right 😂😂 you'll see spencer you'll see