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Dahlia had been defeated, Esther and Mikael gone, but New Orleans is certainly not at peace.

While the Mikaelson family is still at odds with each other, a few familiar faces show up in the Big Easy. Not only are they familiar, they happen to be the first vampires turned by the Original family. And, they do not arrive quietly. 

Raylynn Montgomery faces an even larger threat now, than ever before. With her relationship with Klaus on the rise and her friendship with Hayley strained, will she be able  to survive this new chapter in her life? Or will the past finally catch up with her?

|Season 3|

I do not own the storylines or the characters from The Originals. I do own Raylynn Montgomery and her storyline.

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intospn intospn Apr 14, 2017
imagine he does this to every guy freya brings or does the same like rebekah
tommhollland tommhollland Jun 03, 2017
thank god im not the only one but  unlike her i didn't keep my opinion about him to myself😂
Awwwww. I can't say anything else because every word I would pick won't be good enough to describe their meeting after so long
ironthrones ironthrones Jan 02
i would’ve made facial expressions to show my dislike 😂
intospn intospn Apr 14, 2017
my baby sister is 8 months and she does this and it's so beautiful 😭
raereader1993 raereader1993 Apr 12, 2017
I get really pissed at Haley for this because even though she hates klaus right now, she should be thinking about Hope and how she needs her father (even if klaus deprived hope of her mother...) I feel like Haley is using Hope as a tool to get back at klaus which is not cool