His Trophy

His Trophy

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sweetsmileonlips By sweetsmileonlips Updated 2 days ago

Jenny is a sweet, innocent and adorable simple girl, whose life was perfect with her family and love of her life until the arrival of Ryan Richard. She was not born with golden spoon but nurtured with the values and dignity. But Ryan changed her life with one contract for his damn precious ego, he claimed her as His Trophy against her fiancé James Knight.

Ryan Richard is at the top in the business world with his multibillion dollar company. He is known as a womaniser who changes the girl on his bed like a mattress and he can get any girl with just snap of his finger. He doesn't care about other feelings, especially when it comes to James Knight. His hatred for him is beyond anything, since college days they were rivals, always stood against each other. Unfortunately Ryan didn't get lucky to win as he was always been a brilliant student , a great athletes in college, and now a perfect business man. He wished for an opportunity to bring him down, luckily he got the one, Jenny Watson.


  • anger
  • contract
  • hatred
  • love
  • marriage
  • romance
barbie66 barbie66 Apr 16, 2017
Reallly ... you except this ... ans and you still want james back ???😮😮😮
catheriene catheriene May 21, 2017
I loved the concept. Keep writing....
                              Excited for ur new work...
gymxlissy gymxlissy Nov 27, 2017
Story is great but the grammar is horrendous, please try and fix it; it's kind of hard to read
Africanelfe Africanelfe Jun 09, 2017
I love the story line. It is promising and interesting don't get me wrong, but the spelling errors are just distracting. Definitely on my reading list! 😄😄😄
robynfxnty robynfxnty Jul 18, 2017
His trophy 😍😍
                              This book is becoming an addiction already
cpsjusuf cpsjusuf Jul 19, 2017
Grammatical error here and there, hope it will ve fix
                              Also still dont understand why she married him not james, yeah both guys are rivals but why she suddenly marrying him n james allowed it? She could break it off with both in any sense