Because Glitter

Because Glitter

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My whole life I've lived by the motto, "a little glitter never killed anybody". Today... I've realized that the statement doesn't apply to the schools popular girl or "tough" guy. 

Apparently glitter bombs anger people into wanting to hurt you. It technically wasn't even a glitter bomb, it was an accident. Kinda...

This just shows that the school shouldn't trust you to set up the Senior dance. Just saying. 

But overall, I've made multiple mistakes today. Such as yelling, "Drop the glitter!", or "Sorry not sorry", or "I don't regret it". Even saying "It wasn't me", somehow gets me into trouble. 

I don't know how to stop it. Is it because I'm a redhead? Is it because I don't have human emotions? Is it because glitter?

Warning: Many spelling/grammatical errors and I apologize in advanced. I will work on correcting all of them

megloveee megloveee a day ago
I love him already because I rarely see Tyler Posey as a face claim 😍😍😍
I fricking live that album 😘 And it's my favourite song atm !!! And your description  was great can't wait To read in
emmab_0265 emmab_0265 Apr 16
I want to vote for this, but it has 666 votes and I don't want to ruin that because Satan is bæ (jk)
syx2b00m syx2b00m Jul 28
i like it!!!!! it attracts me and im realllyyyy excited to read this based on the description
Is anyone from the fandom of the mortal instruments reminded of the cringy Montgomery role play that Issy and Simon did?
I have seen that boy in so many story's its ridiculous
                              Did any one else think of the song from Descendants? Or was it just me
                              Just me...
                              *crawls into a whole and continues to read the story*