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Because Glitter

Because Glitter

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СЯАZУ=GЭИIЦS By FreddyKruegerFriend Updated 7 days ago

My whole life I've lived by the motto, "a little glitter never killed anybody". Today... I've realized that the statement doesn't apply to the schools popular girl or "tough" guy. 

Apparently glitter bombs anger people into wanting to hurt you. It technically wasn't even a glitter bomb, it was an accident. Kinda...

This just shows that the school shouldn't trust you to set up the Senior dance. Just saying. 

But overall, I've made multiple mistakes today. Such as yelling, "Drop the glitter!", or "Sorry not sorry", or "I don't regret it". Even saying "It wasn't me", somehow gets me into trouble. 

I don't know how to stop it. Is it because I'm a redhead? Is it because I don't have human emotions? Is it because glitter?

Warning: Many spelling/grammatical errors and I apologize in advanced. I will work on correcting all of them

Demiii236 Demiii236 Apr 11
Wait is this gonna be a cliche story by trying not to be cliche but it end up being the other type of cliche that i call 'The not- cliche cliche story' bc by not being cliche it turns out cliche bc if other people try not to be cliche too it all ends up the same cliche
Im happy seeing good writing like this..rarities these days.
BookBird210 BookBird210 Apr 11
Oh lol sorry were we meant to finish the lyrics from above?
                              And taking control...
                              Jealously turning saints into the sea (I think that's the lyric anyway lol)
Swimming through sick lullabies
                              Chocking on your alabies 
                              But it's just the price I pay
                              Destiny is calling me
                              Open up my eager eyes
                              I'm mr brightside
tuba_r7274 tuba_r7274 May 06
I'm coming out of my cage
                              And I've been doing just fine
                              Gotta gotta be down
                              Because I want it all
I agree like th you ain't no model sleeping with makeup... You'll get acne... Not that it's bad