Because Glitter

Because Glitter

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СЯАZУ=GЭИIЦS By -freddyk- Updated 7 days ago

My whole life I've lived by the motto, "a little glitter never killed anybody". Today I've realized that the statement doesn't necessarily apply to everybody at my school. 

Accidents happen, you know? Most of the time they're bad, but sometimes they can surprise you and turn out amazing. Like, hypothetically speaking of course, say you accidentally bump into someone and drop a giant bucket of glitter that your noodle arms couldn't carry in the first place. Still speaking in a hypothetical term, imagine that glitter gets all over everyone who may or may not be very fond of your presence. Coincidence has never really been one of my more reliable friends. 

Now don't get me wrong, I think it's cool seeing a gym floor get covered in glitter, but my peers on the other hand don't necessarily enjoy being 'glitter bombed'. But remember, this is all just a hypothetical accident...kinda. 

Let's just say that setting up senior dances, not really one of my best talents. I can tap dance though, which in the long run could be considered a more useful skill. 

But getting back to the original point, as a whole I've probably made multiple decisions today that people could consider a mistake. Such as yelling 'release the glitter' or 'sorry not sorry'. Even saying 'it wasn't me', somehow gets me into trouble. Probably even more trouble than before. 

And it's not like I purposely go around, trying to find my next victim to dump glitter on, it just sorta happens and I don't know how to stop it. Is it because I'm a redhead? Or maybe because my life likes to add a little spice and by spice... I mean messy crafts supplies.  

And all of this mess happening, just because a little glitter?

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Brezzaway Brezzaway Sep 30, 2017
I'm almost done with the story and I came back just to look at the people cuz Ik who they all are now and I have no idea who this is
subwayinthewoods subwayinthewoods Nov 29, 2017
I can’t read the whole book I’m confused bc in my notifs it’s like chapter 48 bc glitter but when I go on there’s only this and cast ? Help me out man I feel dim just want to read :/
megloveee megloveee Aug 22, 2017
I love him already because I rarely see Tyler Posey as a face claim 😍😍😍
lmZachHerron lmZachHerron Mar 28, 2017
I fricking live that album 😘 And it's my favourite song atm !!! And your description  was great can't wait To read in
that0neidi0t that0neidi0t Apr 16, 2017
I want to vote for this, but it has 666 votes and I don't want to ruin that because Satan is bæ (jk)
syx2b00m syx2b00m Jul 28, 2017
i like it!!!!! it attracts me and im realllyyyy excited to read this based on the description