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The Night of the Muffins

The Night of the Muffins

2K Reads 250 Votes 36 Part Story
storytellers-saloon By storytellers-saloon Updated Nov 11, 2016

Something strange has happened to the Busted Gulch crew, will they know what to do?
  A plate full of muffins have been hexed... come and read what happens next. 
  A Halloween Edition - A Storyteller's Saloon Selection
  WRITERS - lyttlejoe, crazyp01, leandralynx, stannbear, kpmoulton, catlover215, & Ruechari
  Cover Art: Ruechari
  As always the stories for Lyttlejoe's Busted Gulch are written in mostly poetry form, some prose. Most of the story happens in the comments so you need to read both to keep up with tale. 

Highest Rank #89 on the Paranormal Hot List!!! October 29th, 2016
  Wonder where it all started take a look at Lyttlejoe's Busted Gulch.
  Read it and want more mosey on over to Lyttlejoe's Busted Gulch vol. 2.
  Still not enough and want a new twist Read the Paranormal Spin Off - A New Destiny.

crazyp01 crazyp01 Oct 04, 2016
@lyttlejoe @Ruechari @stannbear @leandralynx  @kpmoulton  @catlover215
                              Tsk, tsk!
                              You all are having a party and no one invited me?!
- - Oct 05, 2016
@crazyp01   You didn't ask me but see lyttlejoe's reply to Kae.
leandralynx leandralynx Oct 04, 2016
@lyttlejoe : Well, this chapter just states, there's a hex; but even with a plate standing somewhere around, you'll need a stanza (at least) to say that the muffins are eaten, don't you?
- - Oct 04, 2016
@Ruechari Right away I'm getting blame! Only the cover is posted and hot off the press I'm getting in trouble. I need a new reality.
- - Oct 05, 2016
@leandralynx  @kpmoulton  @catlover215   Doesn't anyone else notice 3Gun's strange behaviour?
lyttlejoe lyttlejoe Oct 04, 2016
@crazyp01   It sounds like you are!
                              And those boring blueberries saved my life, thank you. (Rue helped)