Lexis In The Sky

Lexis In The Sky

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TouchePizzaGuy By TouchePizzaGuy Updated Jun 14, 2011

Look into my eyes, who do you see? Same deep seaweed-green eyes, framed with black lashes. Erica Sky Tucker(16) has always been known as THE Alexis Tuckers' twin. In Lexis's shadow, Erica Sky was happy with her nose in a book. But after Lexis's death, Erica Sky finds herself forced into the spotlight. 

Lexi was much loved, especially by her adoring parents. Lexis's death left her family devastated causing her dad to move out, unable to look into Sky's face- or Lexis's face. After a dramatic twist of fate, Sky has no choice but to live with her dad. Despite her new situation, Erica Sky looks forward to a new school and life. But her dad's mental state isn't up to a fresh start. Everywhere Erica Sky turns there's Lexis. Her voice in Sky's word's, her face in Sky's reflection and now her dad is having some sort of melt down, as he keeps calling Sky "Lexis". 

How am I going to move past Lexis's death when everyone see's Lexis in me? Hell, how am I going to get past the fact that everyone in both mine and Lexis's life, would prefer her over me?

thecoffeekid thecoffeekid Feb 09, 2011
really good way to get people to read on  :) i VOTED
                              can you please check out my stories too :) 
                              thnxx would mean a lot even though they are probably not as good as yours :)
Syra87 Syra87 Jan 13, 2011
Aww man. I guessed wrong.
                              Glad I did though! =]
                              Very interesting. I like. Keep writing.
Syra87 Syra87 Jan 13, 2011
Oh My God. That is horrible. I can't understand how a mother can choose between her twins to that extent!
                              So she's going to pretend as though she's Lexis? Tough life.