Seduction(On Hold)

Seduction(On Hold)

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Flower By fl0wersniffinwh0re Updated Jan 07, 2015

Book 1

"Sex is the consolation you have when you can't have love," 

-Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

Xavier's POV

"Xavier Grant, what a pleasure to meet you." The short stubby woman extended her hand and firmly gripped mine. I smiled politely at the young woman, hoping that this meeting would go by smoothly. My sub Vanessa was at home waiting for me and I needed a release quickly.

"Kary Smith, the pleasure is all mine." I retorted back with a cheeky grin. "Shall we begin?" She asks and I nod and lead her to a chair across from mine. "I hear you plan on trading a grand amount of cargo with Vicaklin Inc. How do you plan on doing so without the proper exportation." She asks with the same high pitched voice. It was rather annoying.

Ah, once again another young woman comes to my office, in hopes of intimidating me. Silly woman. I narrow my eyes on her with a gleam, noticing her shift in her seat.

She was attracted to me.

"Why Ms. Smith, you underestimate so quickly. My brother owns half o...

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wicked_devil wicked_devil May 16, 2014
@fl0wersniffinwh0re She was just telling you that you had an extra word in the second sentence. There’s no need for you to be so rude, especially to someone who is bothering to read your work.
Blondeanddangerous Blondeanddangerous Mar 22, 2014
Lordy - that's a HOT first chapter! Nicely done, voted for :)
Taco_Man Taco_Man Dec 31, 2013
I peed my pants reading this book! That was not a joke! This book is AWSOME!
DymonSkies DymonSkies Dec 17, 2013
[ A L L ] of your books are nicely detailed and thought out, your passion is astonishing. Loved this chapter! : )
tamara19 tamara19 Oct 03, 2013
Wat happened to your story She I can't find it? Did you delete it. I love that story so what's going on?
fxckyeamatty fxckyeamatty Sep 28, 2013
You seriously are my favourite writer on wattpad !!!! I love your books soo much never let hate get you down they are all just a little piece of shit