• Kpop Apply Fic // The Dreams of an Angel from Hell •

• Kpop Apply Fic // The Dreams of an Angel from Hell •

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悪魔のような天使 By CliffordIeroHowell Updated Oct 30

People say Demons and Angels are the same.

People say their dreams tell tales, tell the future, explain the past.

People say they're real, others call it a myth.

People say a lot of things ... 

But I know the truth about them. 

And you will soon.

Their dreams are the same but their intentions are most certainly not.

You have heard of dreams but aren't nightmares dreams too? 


_WheeSa_ _WheeSa_ Oct 01
God dammit why you making these good apply fics... I already am in sooooo many... Well guess what... You have a normal reader now
maaarrrrkkkk tuuuunnnaaaa sry i dont know anybody who'd like this... im very sorry
jihunies jihunies Oct 02
idk i have many
                              however, my ult bias will forever be my bb bona 
yukijiconan yukijiconan Oct 01
Ma bias?
                              Now D.O. is creeping in my heartue tho and then Jackson and GD and.......
                              @butterflycaterpillar @KookieXyehet @kookiysehunnie