Owned by a DEVIL [R-18]

Owned by a DEVIL [R-18]

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Sheila ( 쉴라 ) By SheilaMayett Updated Nov 10


Vampire Series #1:

Not all demons look like one. Some of them hides in the most handsome man. Yet lurking a devilish attitude - Ciara Keith Magdalena
       "Where do you think your going Kitten? trying to escape?" Said a husky yet void of emotion voice behind me. 

I frighteningly look at the devil whose standing beside me. And I can't help to take a long Sharp breath. As I saw his red bloody eyes looking at me.

"I.. I.. A.. a. No! Hi..Hindi ako tatakas! Maglalakad lang sa-" di ko na nagtapos yung sasabihin ko- when he pinned me in the nearest wall and bit my right neck hard.

"Ah.. aw.. t..a..ma na!.. Please!" I shouted while trying to freed my self from his strong grip.

Pero its no use. Anong laban Ko sa isang Vampire. Sa isang halimaw na tulad niya.

When his done sucking my blood, he freed my two swollen wrist and held my waist to keep me still. Coz right now. All I wanna do Is drift to the world where they called Dream land.

"Remember Kitten, your mine. All mine. Your body, mind and your so sweet and tasteful blood. No one can have you. Coz I am your master. And your my slave. Mine alone." may diing sabi nito sakin ng may malademonyong ngiting sa labi. 


     This is my FIRST VAMPIRE story. So sorry kung lame siya. 

Comments are highly appreciated. Please do leave comment in every chapter. 
    And btw! This is NOT YOUR TYPICAL VAMPIRE Story.


 [FT: My Buyer's a Devil]

- Sheila (시라)

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Wieee parang diabolik lovers! Pero One boy lang? Shet! It's so interesting! Are you inspire? Or do you gets this from movies?
Hmm interesting start, this is the first time reading a Vampire story to be honest
Honestly I find Ciara's back story very tragic seeing that how she's treated by her parents and I certainly hope her master takes good care of her
alexander_548 alexander_548 Nov 30, 2016
H-how sad a-and h-happy po!!! 😭😭😭😭😭, Kawawa siya
Thank you sa dedication! Keep writing :) More power sa mga stories mo :)
ShanaiaLuna ShanaiaLuna Mar 01
Ang ganda po ng story nyo pero po parang na post nyo na po ata sa Facebook na wattpad pero po maganda