Hug of Love Paradise

Hug of Love Paradise

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Kayami By sayitaloud Updated Jan 02

The secret to a happy marriage is if you can be at peace with someone within four walls, if you are content because someone you love is near to you and you feel that warmth that you don't find very often and the trust is all what make a Love Paradise. But what happens when a bride runs away from her marriage from that person who loves her the most? 
Manik Malhotra a well to do business man with money, name and fame and on top of that has a heart of golden. Everyone  isn't perfect right so he is an arrogant and aggressive guy when it comes to work. His attitude is killer. A well known and famous Rockstar for the youth. Music is his passion and love and business is his talent and work. He falls for a young woman Nandini Murty a rival to his company, a smart and independent woman and a very successful business tycoon. A beauty with brain and a bit arrogant and full of attitude. Manik and nandini were going to marry but nandini ran away from her own marriage. Just when all that happened a new person entered their lives, giving a new turn to their story. So now what has destiny planned for them? Is it the end or beginning of a new story between Manik and Nandini? 

Mukti and Abhimanyu too have their own sorts of problem in their marriage. Abhimanyu is as if a flower waiting to bloom and the only sunshine it needs is her love. Mukti has got the sunshine yet there's something missing. Will they too have a Love Paradise?

To know hop on to the roller coaster of emotions. Join in the journey of Hug of Love Paradise.


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rumanafatima rumanafatima Nov 13, 2016
Finally padh rahi hun Teri story 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈
                              Too much late na 
                              Raman ko Bhai banadiya 😂😂
Diksha8011 Diksha8011 Oct 07, 2016
Baby I really wanna read this further..
                              It's very rare when we get to see a fiercy Nandini, I a so gonna look forward to this..
                              Please do continue soon
the_sarcasticqueen the_sarcasticqueen Oct 07, 2016
Sounds interesting.
                              Please do continue.
                              I am waiting to read further.
pleasehelpmegod pleasehelpmegod Oct 07, 2016
Love to read in this morning when I see this cover from kainatashraf I checked your profile for this story but hadn't found .but now I am happy and a little confused how manik and nandini mrg if nandu loves aryaman
sneha_glam sneha_glam Nov 16, 2016
So Raman n ishita are nanduz brother n SIL... Good...after seeing the age of Raman I was like whatz happening... But u managed to not lemme go in shock...
sneha_glam sneha_glam Nov 16, 2016
As Aryaman is struggling giving me some good vibes for manan...