Bras or Boxers

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Allison By forevergreen Updated 3 years ago
    Alex McAllen is in love with her best friend, Conner Levington, who she believes is gay. When she finds out the truth that he isn't, she goes through some major internal conflict with herself about whether she should tell him or not. The verdict she has come up with is: to tell him. It turns out that Conner isn't interested in being more than just best friends. 
    Telling him is a mistake Alex believes she made because it just shattered their ten years of friendship, so she decides to go undercover from changing into a girl to a guy to find out exactly why wasn't he interested in her. While doing so, she reverts back into believing he's gay and thinks that he just needs help coming out of the closet, so to speak. 
    While pretending to be a guy, she'll definitely win his heart. 
    But will his heart belong to the real her: wearing bras, or will his heart belong to the disguised "him" wearing boxers?
    Find out in Bras or Boxers!
Nice. Short and sweet. I know this will be an hilarious and enjoyable read.  Keep up the good work! And wow, Nick Jonas? Interesting. ;D
                                    -Cade x3
I loved it so far!! This was a great beginning and from reading the summary i can tell this is going to be really interesting! Looking forward to reading more :)
This is pretty good so far. I so was not expecting him to be gay!
Your writing style is very smooth and well done, I'll definetly have to check in on this story.  Lol, I liked the last line of this chappie, "if only he was straight...." haha.
omg! I like this plot! I'll definitely follow this. Do continue to update! :)
Wow do different and original. I have never seen or read a book like this on wattpad so well done for that! Your attention to detail is really nice and I loved your ending! Please upload soon I wanna know what happens haha xD