The Breakup Expert

The Breakup Expert

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F ❄ I By Sere-chan Updated Nov 22

1. If he's sad, give him tea with complimentary macaroons.

2. If he wants to move on, delete his ex's phone number and pictures from his phone.

3. If he wants revenge on his ex, kick him out of your house.

These were the three simple rules that Serena had to follow to keep up her reputation as a breakup expert at highschool, because her virtue at healing broken hearts had made her popular and loved. She had nothing to regret.

But Serena has to break the third rule when her client is no one other than her former childhood best friend, whom she had grown apart from in middle school. Now she has to heal his heart just as he used to heal her wounds when they were younger. As well as keep herself from falling for him. Again. 

Not forget to mention, all the traumatic incidences from past that flood back into her mind.

Amazing just wonderful very detailed and a true masterpiece 👌🏼🌺
Alderheart Alderheart Oct 03
Hey Sere-chan, 
                              Is it ok if I do a story kind of based on yours? It's ok if you say no I just have a good idea for it.
That's what a strong heart is. You really described beautifully the broken heart
This_Is_Zeo This_Is_Zeo Oct 09
I LLLLOOOOVVVEEE THE START. IT GAVE ME CHILLS (in a good way) I can't to read the upcoming chapters! Great Job! 👍👍
Sere-chan Sere-chan Oct 02
Yayayay! A new book. I know this was abrupt, it was in my drafts. Had to get it out there. P.S its an adorable short story ✌✌
                              Thanks for reading. Ily all 😁💕
Alderheart Alderheart Oct 03
Omg this story sounds AMAZING!! Am waiting for the update ( if there is one).