Soul Seeker

Soul Seeker

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Samantha Balazs By sambalazs Completed

In a world crafted from ice, they fight for their lives. They fight for their souls. 

On the frozen island that was once called Britain, people believe in souls. There are rumours of guardians, mysterious immortal beings meant to protect the world, but 17-year-old Ciara is not one of the pilgrims trying to find them.

Until her boss sends her on a dangerous mission. Outlaws with stolen magic threaten to destroy everything that has been built out of the Ice Age, and only a small noble group, the Protectors, can stop them. 

Ciara has been ordered to sled north through icy tundra with them. Then she must assassinate their leader, betraying their trust.

But darkness is rising, and she might need the Protectors' help if she wants to stop it.

  Highest Ranking: #12 in Fantasy

  • action
  • adventure
  • assassin
  • elemental
  • epic
  • epicfantasy
  • fantasy
  • friendship
  • frozen
  • huntress
  • journey
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EllaWindras EllaWindras Jun 24, 2017
And seconds prior they thought she was his daughter... 10/10 logic
camtothe_27th camtothe_27th Jul 05, 2017
Caution, beware of extreme flirting that is occurring as we speak...😏
AdrienneHall4 AdrienneHall4 Jun 23, 2017
I saw the last name and felt sorta weird since that's my last name.... Maybe me and Ciara are sisters? Lol
Hmmm maybe you should get out of there ASAP... make sure you have a stable job and enough money first tho
RAHoward RAHoward Aug 16, 2017
You do a great job setting up the world! The characters speak about aspects of their government and beliefs casually, which is a great way to do "world-building," while leaving the reader wanting to know more. The use of color is also very evocative. I can't wait to read more!
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