Sleeping With The Billionaire

Sleeping With The Billionaire

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hope By WiltingHope Updated May 12, 2017

28 year old Martin Carter is a self-made billionaire. He's made his business through computers and sleeping around. Nothing has gotten in his way as he ventures to reach the top. No woman. No child. No other man. Society was falling to their knees at the very mention of him. Unfortunately, that was the old  Martin. The new Martin Carter is in trouble. He's invested in the wrong people and in the wrong companies, and after ten years on top, it's coming around to bite him in the ass. Luckily enough, he has a good mentor, supporting parents, and looks that could kill. Now all he needs is a rich wife.

26 year old Marie is not a billionaire, or a millionaire. She isn't even rich. She works as a maid at a local motel in South Carolina. Her aspiration; become a journalist. First step; finish college. Second step; earn enough money to go to Europe for a summer. Third step; write a book about it. Seems like a simple enough list. Unfortunately, Marie meets Mr. Carter. 

He's grieving, she's working. She needs the money, he has it. So they strike a deal. She sleeps with him and he gives her the money. Easy enough right? Wrong. They both have other things in mind, but neither of them include falling in love.

WiltingHope WiltingHope Jul 22, 2013
@allybally12345 @Selcouth_Girl So...I fixed the ending part, because after both of you said it, I figured it was too much. haha. I'd love to know what you both think. Thank you so so so much! :D
InternalChaos InternalChaos Jun 23, 2013
This book sounds soooo good! Definitely gonna read this :) Amazing work!
WiltingHope WiltingHope Jun 20, 2013
@Selcouth_Girl Thanks so much. Thsi was actually just the sneak peek. Not really a prologue or anything. It's going to be part of a future chapter, but thank you anyway. :D
Soa_Soraya Soa_Soraya Jan 30, 2012
@WiltingHope I shall do my best ^_^ But can I wait until tomorrow? I'm working on something at the moment n_n;
WiltingHope WiltingHope Jan 30, 2012
@Soa_Soraya Okay...enjoy! Make sure you comment on the chapter too, because I would love to know what you're thinking.....:D
Soa_Soraya Soa_Soraya Jan 30, 2012
@WiltingHope Ah, I'll keep reading and see how I handle it then ^_^