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'They began to circle each other. Her clothes clinging to her sweat-clad figure as she danced tauntingly around him, simultaneously staying flawlessly composed. Despite her disadvantages, she watched for his every move - analysing his habits, strengths and weaknesses - and, metaphorical claws unsheathed, waited for her chance to pounce. '

                                         - - - - - - - - - -

Lucinda Beaumont was the renown daughter of the great Lord and Lady Beaumont of Sheridan. Her reputation of being astoundingly beautiful, kind, and enchanting, made her one of the most famous girls in the land; but underneath the elegance she was a well-trained fighter, and a strong young woman that was underestimated greatly.

Then there was the Prince. 
Alexander Blackburn was the feared son of the tyrant King Marcel and the elegant Queen Camille. He was said to be almost as cruel as his father, and ruthless to those who crossed him. But according to legend, if you impressed him enough you might be able to gain his respect.