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Ryder (An Outlaw MC Romance)

Ryder (An Outlaw MC Romance)

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I knew her name, her age, and every last detail one could find out from government records and regular observation. But the most devastating fact I had uncovered in my search was that the object of my desire is completely off-limits to me. My Livvy is the sister of a Jackal, a rival MC that the Outlaws hate feverishly. But I remain undeterred. I'll wait patiently for the right moment. The moment the Jackals screw up. Then I'll rush in and take her, claiming her for myself. 

Strong language and sexual content. Mature themes and some violence.

Officiallydisturbed Officiallydisturbed Dec 28, 2016
Ooh look at that, looks like we got ourselves a gentleman...
_rossie7 _rossie7 Dec 23, 2016
Omg! I love this story already! Gosh idk but I just have a thing for these types of stories! THANK YOU AUTHOR😍😍
well i got to say best picture to start a book lol i mean what woman cant appreciate a little bit of chest hair on a mans chest not being mean on that its just manly
Why don't you just hit her over the head with a club and drag her back to your cave by her hair, it'd be easier for you.
_rossie7 _rossie7 Dec 23, 2016
Man you messed up. Nvm I take back what I said about your attractiveness earlier uhf🙄
_rossie7 _rossie7 Dec 23, 2016
Whaaaat! How can the main guy character not be the most attractive! Screw that I'm picturing him in my mind more attractive than Trip haha!