Having Two Girlfriends

Having Two Girlfriends

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Tersiah By StzzMak33 Updated 5 days ago

Hi I'm Natsu Dragneel, I'm a well known guy in high school, the age is 17, I'm attractive, I play basketball and....I have two girlfriends? Now don't blame me...I always had a crush on those two girls and they confessed to me on the same night, now what could I of said? So here I am..cheating on one with the other one but lucky thing they aren't that close of friends...thank the heavens.

Lisanna came in handy but Lucy...she's the special one who I really see myself in the future with, she's a blonde..a sexy one at that and...she's a smarty pants, she helps me in my homework and she's a killer in bed I mean really.... Anyways...what can a guy do when he's in love with a white hair beauty and a blonde goddess?

Please help me...I don't want them to find out I'm with them both or my little buddy here might get chopped off.

Let's see who Natsu Dragneel might develop more feeings for...

I know..shitty summary but I can't help it.. lol

Save whatever is in the janitors closet for Lucy.. Ya little twat
Cheska_2005 Cheska_2005 Nov 12
I skipped the whole thing... I COULDN'T STAND THAT! I HATE NALI SO DAMN MUCH!
TitanEmash TitanEmash 6 days ago
Roxyzefoxy3 Roxyzefoxy3 Nov 30
._. *silence* *grabs katana* LASAGNA~ *pushes lisanna out a random window after stabbing her* Bai Bai! :3 -police sirens- NOPERZ *runs*
Fanfic1805 Fanfic1805 6 days ago
Um... You just can't cheat on someone who goes to the same school they'll,f ins out lbecause Lucy's not stupid plus nasty said himself he sees Lucy in his future so natsu will just have to break lisannas heart
I can already tell i'm gonna need a box of tissues for this... 😭