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👅Ethan and Grayson slowly fall in love~a forbidden love and try to hide their feelings from others👅

❤️I do know they do not have these kind of relations in real life so, don't come at me with that mess❤️

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sharkisha1230 sharkisha1230 Dec 12, 2016
I have that picture saved in my phone at the top. There just so freaking adorable together😭
No one talks about them like that, especially when I'm listening
meebleweeble meebleweeble Dec 14, 2016
What did you use to edit the cover photo? Like the hair and the eyes? Btw this book is  cool i like it
ShrekDolan ShrekDolan Dec 24, 2016
I thought it was about to say "dent in my pants" I was like BOI
4OU_TourAf 4OU_TourAf Oct 03, 2016
Omg yes there's not enough grethan stories on here I wanted to write one but nah