Her Voice ~ (Rarijack)

Her Voice ~ (Rarijack)

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My first story (human version with magic)

A new student, Rarity transfer to Canterlot High School and she met a lot of new people, she met a person called Applejack and she is a person who doesn't speak, "mute". She doesn't communicate by speaking but she does to her closest friends. She writes in her notebook instead to everyone in the wide.

Things Applejack do is chores, sports, the weirdest thing, she plays music sometimes, only the guitar, playing guitar shows emotions. Most of it was sadness. Applejack also hangs out with her friends.

Rarity recently know more about Applejack but she wants to know more about why Applejack doesn't really speak with her voice. Rarity want to know more about her life, and her. She wants to be her friend, she want to be the person Applejack can trust or express to. She don't want her to be sad.

Will Rarity make her talk? Is she the person to make her talk?......Will she change her?

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yopsdft yopsdft Aug 09, 2017
I swear that picture makes this sentence better 😃😃😂😂
tophat360 tophat360 Aug 26, 2017
I think that Applejack's  tragic past is finding lemons about her online
CitrusMyLife CitrusMyLife Oct 01, 2016
I have just read this and now...I'M STARTING TO LOVE THIS!!!! Great first chapter it's awsome!!! <3
CitrusMyLife CitrusMyLife Oct 01, 2016
Amazing chapter!!! Can't wait for the Rarijack love!!! So excited!!! <3
fckinty fckinty Oct 05, 2016
                              LOVE DA STORY SO FAR!!!!!!
                              (Sorry for the bad grammar I am currently texting with my thumb only...)