Blood In The Snow: Book 1 in the Crimson Falls series

Blood In The Snow: Book 1 in the Crimson Falls series

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Book1 in the Crimson Falls Series.

She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, Her rosy cheeks, midnight hair, red lips and her skin was almost as pale as the snowflackes getting caught in her long eyelahes. Tears like dimonds ran down her cheeks, petrified of them.I saved her eyes for last. They were a bit of a shock. They were a purple colour, but they seemed to belong on her face.Then her scent blew towards me and them I knew.

She was my mate, and they were going to kill her.

Oliver Night is the alpha of the Crimson Falls pack. He's cold, arrogant, and selfish. The only thing he wants is to find his mate, but he can't find her.

Ariella Halle is the quiet, shy girl with the rich, popular best friend and with an evil dad who beats her. 

But one day, they meet and their world's are turned upside down.....

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dead_by_day dead_by_day Jan 27, 2017
Watcha got agent needs Scott? If there's a problem, I will gladly solve it...
                              You don't know me...
                              IM A NERD SO WATCH YOUR BACK TONITE SCOTT
IIEuphoriaII IIEuphoriaII Sep 17, 2012
Awesome book so far xD but um I just wanna ask her wings are they like angel wings u kno big and all or small like chicken wings
PaperOfGlass PaperOfGlass Jan 20, 2012
Gahhhh, why didn't he stop it right away. The poor girl. This is a good first chapter, it makes me want to read more so I can know what's going to happen.
percussionluvr percussionluvr Jan 14, 2012
You have great description in this story and it makes me want to jump out of my seat and stop the werewolves myself. Keep writing!
TakeItAwayXD TakeItAwayXD Jan 10, 2012
Jesus fucking Christ it's about time u stopped it!!!!!!!!!! Lol hahaha sorry but I couldn't help myself:3 but this is interesting......
taymo09 taymo09 Jan 09, 2012
You've started off strong, giving me as the reader a good impression of who he was before he met his mate!  This was really well written, and I can see it going in a lot of different directions.  Reading on! :)