Carney Nights-a Short Story

Carney Nights-a Short Story

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Will Decker By LulusBookworm Updated Jan 02, 2012




It was an ongoing argument, one that hadn't seen an end for more than seven years. 

"Mother, please don't patronize me. I'm not your sixteen year old daughter any more; I happen to be twenty four, in case you've forgotten!" 

"Twenty four and you still live under my roof!" she fired back, knowing full well that she was striking a tender nerve. When her daughter, Jolene, ran off with a lad she'd met one night at the traveling circus, she was only sixteen years of age. The 'affair' lasted less than a week before her mother begrudgingly welcomed her back into her home; she hasn't gone out with another lad since. 

The details of those missing nights are few and far between. But whatever happened, the events changed Jolene forever. Once an outgoing, vivacious young woman, upon return to her mother's home, she was an empty shell of her former self. She shunned her girlhood friends, and outwardly cringed when her mother demanded that she run down the block...

  • romance
  • surreal
  • tragedy

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