Corie Castle Builder (Corie Universe Feeder Book Two)

Corie Castle Builder (Corie Universe Feeder Book Two)

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Walter Eckland By WalterEckland Updated Jan 02, 2012

Corie continues her life of complete nonsense mixed with actually doing something worthwhile in this second book of the Corie Universe Feeder saga. My goodness! Things have become a saga now! Who would have thought that?

Saga, epic, endeavor, enterprise, tale, adventure, chronicle or what not, did you say castle? Where’s the pickle the fish and the tree? Are they still around? Are they growing? Are they doing something? Are there dogs? Did anyone break anything? Will more people get fed? 

Yes a castle, yes the pickle-and-fish tree, yes more growing and yes some people are fed and yes someone broke an arm. Unfortunately the people are being fed fresh vegetables and not anything good and healthy like orange painted puffed up things that come in a bag and mess up your fingers.

There is a slight snow problem followed by a slight melting problem followed by a glass installation problem. Oh! There’s a bank problem too, but that was before it snowed.

Wait! Don’t run away from all these problems. I think they all get resolved in the end. I also think it’s Corie who does the resolving. 

No cheese sandwiches were harmed in the writing of this book.

[This is book two in a series and you will have NO IDEA what is going on if you start with this book. Go find book one please and thank you.]

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PJPort9 PJPort9 Nov 28, 2015
Another fun beginning, but would've liked for something eventful to've happened before the sample ran out.