Diza doshy

Diza doshy

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Samiyaz321 By samiyaz321 Updated Nov 06, 2017

I threw my clothes on as quick as possible and ran out of the door and jumped in my car.So far the time was 8:26 and I had to be to school at 8:35 and school was 15 minutes away so I need to put a step on it to make it.

I finally arrive at school and have 2 minutes to spare. I then go to my locker and sort it out, taking out all the books I need and put in the books I don't need. As I then walk to class I turned the corner and bumped into someone. 

All of my books fall on the floor and as I bend down to pick them up he scoops them all up in his hand and gives it to me.

When I got the books from him I accidentally touched his hand and we both gazed at each other and started to blush.
"Thank you."I whispered not knowing if he heard me.
"No problem but thank you."He stated
"Why are you thanking me?" I said in confusion 
"Because if you never dropped your books I would of never if talked to you."
We both look up and gaze at each other.
I was going to ask for his number but as I opened my mouth to do so the bell rang for lesson.
We both walked our separate ways and walked into our lessons.

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xogray xogray Aug 11, 2017
is anyone bothered by the fact that it's all black and white but the shoes are blue like,, what
Ummm I read a story SAME EXACT word for word of the "but thankyou" part
Abby887766 Abby887766 Jan 01, 2017
Are you from a different country? I'm just wondering because I noticed the different word choice. Love the story and it's so fun to read so far!!