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Academy Of The Fandoms

Academy Of The Fandoms

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Maria Vorbece-Shade By ShadowQueen1220 Updated Jan 13

Congratulations, you have been accepted to the Academy of the Fandoms or also known as AoF, a place where all the fangirls and fanboys can learn in harmony with out being attacked by the outside world. All fandoms are welcome. Academy of the Fandoms is a boarding school. So please treat each other like family. Please enjoy your years at AoF.

annabeth4136 annabeth4136 Oct 22, 2016
Name: Savannah White
                              Age: 16
                              Weapons: Bow and arrow, and sometimes her dagger
Angelic_Amigod Angelic_Amigod Nov 26, 2016
Name: Bali Dare(he just goes by his first name)
                              Age: about 20 
                              Weapons: a lot of things, mainly guns
                              Backstory: spelled out in his siblings Angel Marie Dare's and Ghost Dare's
SilentlyWhispering SilentlyWhispering Oct 21, 2016
Name: Selenia Harper
                              Age: 15 (Rana is 17)
                              Weapon: anything long-ranged, just like her step-sister.
                              Appearance: brunette with blue eyes
                              Extra: Rana is her step-sister who ran away, and Sel knew that she was a fandom-ist. So she plan to exterminate her and all the other fan-ners.
capri-born capri-born Oct 22, 2016
and i thought this was closed, turns out this is A HIT PPL STILL APPLYING!!!
MaskedMystry MaskedMystry Nov 28, 2016
do you mean likes and dislikes as in people or do you mean what likes to do and item wise???
VadlifulUnknown VadlifulUnknown Nov 27, 2016
Name: Caleb Daniels 
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: Male
                              Personality: umm well he's kinda shy and umm anyway hes shy.
                              Fears: Losing Chloe
                              Like: Chloe shhh
                              Faults: Basically afraid of everything.
                              Fandoms: Teen Wolf, iZombie, Avengers. And Harry Potter