Corie Universe Feeder (Book One)

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Walter Eckland By WalterEckland Updated 4 years ago
What’s not to love about digging and mud? 
    Corie: tall, thin, scruffy, female, student, blondish, smart, creative, outspoken, trouble-finding, precocious (whatever THAT means), eager, mature, silly, immature, messy-roomed, imaginative, animal-loving girl …… 
    ……. has actual PERMISSION FROM HER FATHER to dig a hole in the front yard of her house. As an added bonus she can use the water hose, wheelbarrow, shovel, spray paint, a sign and any and all neighborhood friends she wants. After this whole, hole digging event, lots of oddness ensues not just from the aforementioned father, but from her mother, a dog walker, the police chief, the newspaper guy and the scowling town librarian. 
    Does any good come of this at all? Well, sit down, grab a free cheese sandwich and find out. Oh! One other thing. If you ABSOLUTELY do not like reading, then read this book. It is a tad nutty, nonsensical and sometimes barely even seems like a book.
    If you are a parent who has a child that appears to be un-fond of reading, well, then, bribe them to try this by telling them it’s about popcorn, pudding, and Popsicles. 
    And pickles.
Love Corie and her dog and her house and her family. Fun writing.
                                    I shall check the links out. 
                                    Your welcome, you're talented. I really do love it.
                                    This has been published? 
                                    I'll get my Mum's kindle.
                                    Are you going to upload Book Two, then?
This is genius; very, very, very clever. 
                                    It's unique and very witty. I can see myself reading this to my little brother.
                                    I genuinely loved this.