"Katie's Hellion" (Book I, Rhyn Trilogy)

"Katie's Hellion" (Book I, Rhyn Trilogy)

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Lizzy Ford By LizzyFord Completed

The life of nineteen-year-old Katie rarely goes the way she wants. Just when she believes things can’t get much worse, a baby immortal claiming to be her son  and death’s personal assistant appear on her doorstep. Everyone around her begins to insist she’s someone she’s not, while demons, deities and immortals threaten to tear her life – and sanity – apart.

Scared but brave, she confronts this new world head on, where she meets Immortals like Gabriel, a death dealer, and Rhyn, an outcast half-demon who claims her as his mate in a show of defiance to his Immortal half-brothers. 

Determined to spite the siblings that sentenced him to Hell, Rhyn rescues Katie from the demons and discovers what everyone is after: his little human has a gift that will safeguard – or annihilate – the immortal and mortal worlds. His defiance melts into possessive protectiveness of the fiery yet vulnerable Katie as he realizes the sorry truth: he’s the only ally she’s got, and he won’t leave her
high and dry the way his brothers did him.

  • adult
  • dark
  • demons
  • fate
  • immortals
  • magic
  • newadult
  • paranormal
  • pnr
  • rhyn
  • romance
  • trilogy
  • young
SuparRaytar SuparRaytar Oct 03, 2016
You mention the metro station twice within two sentences. Might wanna edit?
ChristineJRandall ChristineJRandall Jun 21, 2016
Gosh, you must act surprised about everything in these situations!
ChristineJRandall ChristineJRandall Jun 21, 2016
Oh this is priceless! All this has gone on behind closed doors in a convent, and a pretty female Death waltzes off to take tea. Love it!
guzi1115 guzi1115 Apr 25, 2016
That's it. I would have been in jail 3 time over by now if this was me...
FanDostoyewsky FanDostoyewsky Dec 16, 2015
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Thedeepwater Thedeepwater Dec 09, 2015
This seems like an awesome concept, plus it has great writing and questions that need answers. Yep totally reading more!