Cold As Ice  | Jacob Black

Cold As Ice | Jacob Black

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❝She's so damn cold like twenty below.❞

Anastasia Cullen, the youngest of the family, has always accepted the monster she is. She's cold as ice, both on the exterior and internally. Anastasia has never even been attached to her "family" except Rosalie, which is probably why she doesn't step foot in Forks until the moment the family of vampires leave.

Anastasia enrolls in high school in order to find out what was so special about Isabella Swan for her "brother" to fall madly in love with her and then leave her the moment they realize the reality of what happens when a vampire and human fall in love.

What Anastasia didn't expect was to become a friend of Isabella's. But, being a friend of Bella's led her to meet Jacob Black, a werewolf capable of being an Alpha, but is instead a Beta.

Credit for the plot; @freaksandmonsters, go check out her plot shop and her other novels, they are amaazzing! x

I can tell that I'm going to hate Edward even more in this fic, and I'm probably going to hate Alice too lmao
So is like watt pad books real books? Like can they be published into genuine books