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luv2ryte By luv2ryte Updated Nov 15, 2016

Born out of evil. Hidden away all her life. Unaware of the power she possesses. Azalia Malfoy.

It's been 15 years and still nothing has changed, with the exception of the tiny secret room growing smaller every time she has a birthday. Azalia knows she has no future as long as she stays locked up in her cage, forbidden by her family to venture out into the real world. But the prospect of love and warmth from an interesting boy is almost too exciting to grasp after she has had so little of it in her past life. Corbin Ollivander can offer her change, but Draco is her own flesh blood and will keep her protected. Or so he says.

Will she ever be able to break her restricting chains? Or have the past 15 years been just a dark and evil lie?

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